spur of the moment

Being abroad has definitely led me to make more rash decisions when money is involved. There have been quite a few “yolo” moments. Sometimes, this is quite a problem. For example, I do have a couple regrets about that time I decided to drop a solid 100 euros on a pair of sneakers that yes, I do love, but no, I do not necessarily need. I would rather have taken another weekend trip with just alright sneakers than be somewhat very broke with some smokin’ kicks.

However, sometimes this yolo mentality has led me to really amazing places. For example, precisely 5 hours ago I bought a plane ticket to Barcelona for the weekend with a couple of my good friends that I have not yet gotten to travel with. They have been planning to go together for a while now, and when I mentioned a couple days ago that I didn’t have weekend plans, Kenyon got the idea in her head that I was coming to Barcelona. And it is very difficult to say no to Kenyon.

At first, I really wasn’t going to go. I appeased her with a “maybe”, but in my head I was thinking back to the beautiful weekend weather forecast for Florence and the very, very iffy forecast for Barcelona. Then, this morning, everything changed. And by “everything,” I mean the weather in both cities. The weathermen are now predicting a dismal weekend here in Florence and not much more than a ton of fun in the sun in Barcelona.

So, yes. That decided that. I am going to Barcelona this weekend and I will let you all know how amazing and fun it is. 🙂

5 thoughts on “spur of the moment

  1. Love it! I’m glad you are taking advantage of your time abroad and enjoying traveling there. How lucky to be able to say on Tuesday, yep, I think I’ll just fly to Barcelona for the weekend. That’s pretty magical! Have fun!


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