the past 6 days

Although I did miss the slice of life since last Tuesday (!! oops), I still want to give a small re-cap on my days since then. They have been quite eventful and completely amazing.

Wednesday marked the beginning of my drop-off, and I actually had reason for it. Education. Every Wednesday I have class straight from 9am until 7pm with a 20 minute break for lunch thrown right in the middle. Brutal. And then, when my classes ended at 7, I decided spur of the moment to chop off all my hair, so went to my friend Tori’s apartment and she did just that.

Thursday morning I had an extremely difficult Italian quiz, and the rest was a blur–I had one other class, went for a run, got some fro-yo, and then probably passed out around 9pm.

On Friday, I have my absolute favorite class here, illustration. We’re working on a map of the Bargello Museums here in Florence, and I’m very excited to show you all mine. (When it’s done, of course.) After class was over, I worked with my friend, Kenyon, in the outdoor garden here (the weather was spectacular) and then for our break we went and bought veggie burgers to-go and a three pack of Italian beer and ate and drank on the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio to our left. img_4375.jpg

After we continued to work for a bit on our own respective drawings, we decided to text our other friend, Zoe, and walk up to the Piazza Michelangelo for sunset. Zoe had the incredible idea to get some gelato on the way, which, of course, I am always down for. We made it to the top of the steps right in time for sunset. IMG_4385IMG_4407

We climbed back down and had dinner and drinks right on the river at a very cute restaurant called Zoe’s (Zoe kept a napkin, don’t worry).

This is becoming very long, so I shall finish up in a second post!


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