a “me” night

Last night was one of the best nights that I’ve had in a while. Here’s a little play-by-play:

On the way home from my painting class, which ended at 7, I stopped at a store called Tiger where they sell literally everything from little blank canvases to bags of candy for 1 euro a piece. I bought myself a 20 euro yoga mat, tried my very best to not be tempted by the gummies lining the wall, but gave in and bought some peach rings.

I then made my way through an International Women’s Day march (of which I understood almost nothing, but very much appreciated their uterus posters) and back to my apartment. I made myself some pesto pasta with chicken for dinner, laid out my yoga mat, and did some arms and abs for the first time in forever.

After putting in a load of laundry (I like to do my laundry when I, myself, am as dirty as the clothes), I decided to go and treat myself to a frozen yogurt right down the street from my apartment. My normal cup of frozen yogurt only costs 2 euros, and, as I was still in my workout clothes and didn’t really have anywhere to put my wallet, 2 euros was all I brought. However, my cup ended up costing 2 euros 50 cents, I guess because I got chocolate and strawberries, but the girl working gave me a smile, handed me my cup of frozen yogurt AND a free baby cactus, and said in slightly broken but very friendly english, “For you for woman’s day!”.

I ate my frozen yogurt sitting on my new yoga mat, careful to not get my city-dirty shoes on it (is there anything worse than scuff marks on a brand new black yoga mat?). After a nice, long hot shower and putting on my favorite pajamas, I answered a couple of emails and was snoring by 10pm. And I couldn’t have been happier about it.

Maybe tonight I’ll go out.


9 thoughts on “a “me” night

  1. This sounds like such a lovely evening. Some self care and partially free frozen yogurt definitely seems like the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day.
    (Also, my mum LOVES Tiger. The last two Christmases all our presents have been random bits and pieces she has picked up there!)


  2. An evening for yourself, that’s a treat. But there’s one thing bugging me. Frozen yogurt over gelato? Don’t give me the calorie speech! You’re in Italy, the land of gelato. No question what I’d choose. Enjoy whatever frozen treat. 🙂


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